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Resources Planning System

Are you an Entertainment company? Does the software you are using not fit your team's production process? Our software design is very flexible, it can customize the management process based on your company's process. Free yourself from management.

Why choose us?

The entire process of entertainment development management software helps enterprises reduce production costs by about 10%.

High Efficiency

We use AI, based on quality, price, speed, communication and other data to help you evaluate suppliers in all aspects and help you quickly determine which partner to choose.

Save Costs

You can monitor all ongoing project data through the control panel, such as accurate budget calculation, cost expenditure, Research & Development time, payment tracking, and supplier quality management, accurate referrals, etc.


Our software design is very flexible. It can customize your Research & Development management process based on your company's production process, which can save costs.

How can we reduce R & D costs?

The data analysis-based management system includes four core functions:

  • Cost Prediction:In all ongoing projects, enter the price per person per day and the planned completion time.
  • Actual Cost Monitoring: Automatically track project costs and calculate the gap between budget and actual costs. Help analyzing actual expenditures in real time through the control panel.
  • Efficiency Monitoring:Monitor the number of rework projects in progress to help the project team choose a more efficient outsourcer or designer. Monitor employees' working hours, performance evaluation, etc. At the same time, monitor the percentage of remaining tasks and the predicted completion time, which helps the decision maker to determine the specific completion time of the project.
  • Quality Control: Monitor the workload and quality of all completed projects by the supplier. And use the monitoring data to build a data model to provide AI-based recommendation rankings for all suppliers and designers, which make purchasing much easier.
Project Control Panel
Budget Control:

You can review your budget range and determine how much budget is left and whether it is still within a reasonable range. You can also add custom data here, such as showing the percentage of over budget items to total items, average price per person, etc.

Quality Control:

You can see the quality ratings and total tasks completed for all suppliers. You can filter suppliers based on quality, remaining items, and feedback modifications. It can also monitor project completion rates, stagnation rates, project damage rates, work completion rates, overtime rates, cancellation rates, and more.

AI Recommendation:

You can view the suppliers or employees recommended by AI according to the specific needs of the project. For example: Is this a quality-oriented project, a price-driven project, or a time-sensitive project? Artificial intelligence will help you introduce the most suitable suppliers and employees. You will no longer need to browse supplier information one by one.

Financial Tracking System:

All previous projects are already stored in our system and seamlessly interface with financial software like Quickbook or OA. You can track project completion time, invoice submission time, and processing time.

Price Plan

It is free for teams of 5 people and below, and the storage space is limited to 5G.

Basic Project Management Functions:

Teams of 5 or more are charged based on the number of staff.

¥69 / per person per month
  • ✓ Basic project management functions
  • ✓ Basic contract digital signing function
  • ✓ Basic payment protection
  • ✓ Basic job review and response functions

Enhanced Data Analysis and Project Management Functions:

Teams of 5 or more are charged based on the number of staff.

¥138 / per person per month
  • ✓ Project data analysis
  • ✓ Cost control
  • ✓ Intelligent purchasing management
  • ✓ Performance evaluation of employees and service providers
  • ✓ Seamless financial docking
  • ✓ All features of the basic version

Enterprise customized version:

Teams of 5 or more are charged based on the number of staff.

specific price Please contact our business manager:
  • ✓ Personalize based on your workflow
  • ✓ Software engineer arrives to customize software
  • ✓ All the features of the enhanced version

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The Silicon Valley-based startup team has been involved in the software and gaming industry for many years. Aiming to do boutique ERP software and AAA quality design consulting services.

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